5 Spice Braised Aubergine

5 Spice Braised Aubergine

"This sauce is a perfect example of how to use the world's hottest chilli's but still make a sauce that has incredible flavour."
Crispy Tofu Burrito

Crispy Tofu Burrito

The O.G. Bauce Brothers big boy burrito, (yes we love the letter 'b'). This recipe is fully vegan and but slaps just as hard as any burrito. 
Eaten Alive - Extra Spicy Scotch Bonnet

Shroomy Saucy Shawarma

In this recipe we flipped a couple of fungis into a delicious shawarma wrap, not only is this recipe delicious it is completely vegan friendly. Get yo cook on boys and girls.
Green Thai Curry Chicken Balls

Green Thai Curry Chicken Balls

This is a quick twist on the classic thai curry, makes the dish a little more fun with some swimming spherical balls in a delicious classic thai green curry. The lime and habanero sauce brings the perfect added heat and sweetness that makes this curry an all time favourite.
Crab and Chilli Carbonara

Crab and Chilli Carbonara

Carbonara is that classic carb and creamy dish that is a worldwide hit. This recipe brings a little spicy and a zingy twist to the classic bacon version but packs all the flavour with the original recipe of Shots fired carolina reaper craft hot sauce.

Sabish Ya Bish

This clash of cultures features the Trinidadian and Tobago origins of the craft hot sauce Boom sauce and the middle eastern origins of the sabish, but mixing incredible flavours, creaminess of tahini and heat of Boom hot sauce just works!
hot dog

Hawt Dog

This bad boy hot dog is great for a quick #TreatYoSelf hot dog, served with a delicious small-batch hot sauce maker based in the Scotland.
Smokey aubergine steaks

Smokey Aubergine Steaks

Smokey aubergine steaks with Farey's Peckham Hot Sauce. These steaks keep you feeling clean but still giving the rich taste and flavours you get from a bad boy steak.
Buffalo hot sauce

Mark Buffalo Wings

We love Buffalo sauce, on chicken, cauliflower florets or even of the floor it's that damn good. In this recipe we use Big Dick's UK Hot Sauce, to make a glutenous hot sauce dish.

Classico Madras

Classico Madras

We love hot sauce and all things spicy, in this hot sauce recipe we give you our take on a classic Madras curry, featuring the homies Raja Bonnet Hot Sauce by En Root. What you need... For the paste... 2/3 fresh  red chillies (spice level for personal decision - birdseye to scotch bonnet)2 tbsp o...

Hallooo-Me & Plantain

Featuring the homie Lazy Scientist’s - Brixton hot sauce. This fresh salad is stacked with Halloumi Halloumi and plantain salad - an ode to South London's most vibrant community (4 servings) What you need... 200 grams of Halloumi - cut into strips2 Plantains - cut into diagonal slices1 bag of le...
Hot Sauce Nasi Goreng

Baucey Goreng

We were lucky enough to have our homie Tubby Tom's - Ghost Town hot sauce feature in one of our 2020 boxes. This hot sauce recipe is one of our fave dishes and always made better with hot sauce. Spicy fried rice to liven up the senses (3 servings) What you need... 250 grams of rice (foodwaste tip...

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