How to make easy fermented hot sauce

Impress your mates with our easy guide to make a fermented hot sauce. Perfect for your summer barbecues, eggs in the morning or generally just hot sauce on everything. 

What you need:

Chillis - 300G 
Water - 400ML
Salt - 25G - We use Maldon Salt which has featured in HB13.
Apple Cider Vinegar - 175ML

Jar - We used a 1L Kilner Jar for this recipe.
Strainer (Optional) - For your preferred consistency
Airlock (Optional)


  • Wash your chillis, remove stems and slice in half.
  • Weigh your jar with the lid/airlock on.
  • Add your chillis into the jar, fill with water leaving a 2 inch gap.
  • Weigh all the contents now as we have to make a 3% brine. Work out the difference in weight, then 3% of that weight will be how much salt you need to use.
  • Add the salt and fully dissolve it in water.
  • Leave for two weeks, if you don't have an airlock make sure every day you 'burp' the ferment. This is when you open the jar to let the gasses out and then seal again afterwards.
    Two weeks later
  • Strain the chillis, making sure you keep some brine water.
  • Add chillis, a splash of brine and the vinegar into a blender and blend.
  • Strain the sauce for the consistency you want.
  • Bottle up