the craft hot sauce awards

The most prestigious hot sauce awards in the observable universe.

A celebration of small-batch, independent hot sauce makers from the UK 📦🚀🪐 .

For the last three years, we've shared our ‘top 100 essential hot sauces’ list with the world, our way to celebrate who we think are at the cutting edge of hot sauce innovation in the UK.

This year, we are continuing that tradition, providing a way to recognise and celebrate all of the hot sauce makers across the UK.

Now, fans of their friendly neighbourhood hot sauce alchemists can claim they’ve tasted the UK’s best sauce and show their support by placing a vote.

This year we are introducing five distinct categories which we feel accurately captures the state of the UK hot sauce scene.

In partnership with Grow, Two Tribes, Grey Poupon and Oya Kitchens. We are pleased to announce the launch of the first awards in the UK dedicated to small-batch, craft hot sauce makers.