From a dollop to a drip

The only hot sauce awards that matters.

We're the Bauce Brothers, a hot sauce club founded by two homies back in 2018. Our mission is to bring delicious, small-batch craft hot sauce to the masses. In 2019 we launched the Sauce Awards to celebrate all the amazing hot sauce makers across the UK. Now in its fourth year, we're back, looking to crown five of the finest hot sauces, with a place in our store and the credentials of an award winning sauce.

Special Guest Judges


Please send 2 sauces for each entry

You can enter as many sauces as you wish, in as many categories as you like.

Yes, for each sauce you enter, you will need to fill out a new form.

All sauces must be received by 31st August 2022.

The postal address will be revealed once the form below is completed.

Yes you can, new judges, new taste buds and a new chance to claim glory.

We do not charge to enter the awards.

Last years highlights.