When will I get my box?

Your very 1st Bauce Brothers box is sent out within five days of your order. Shipping within the UK takes around 3 days. When it ships, you'll be sent an email with tracking information. After that 1st box, you'll receive your next box on your regularly scheduled monthly or quarterly schedule. Your sign-up date determines your schedule.

How can I manage my subscription? 

You can pause your subscription at any time, and you can even change your date. Just login and go to the manage subscription. If you're confused, just email us.

How hot are the sauces?

We pride ourselves on picking sauces packed full of flavour and lots of heat. All boxes come with fact cards which outlines how hot each sauce is.

What box I will get?

You will receive whatever that quarter’s box is. If you don’t like the look of a sauce, just reach us out and we would be happy to switch that out for you.

Can I send as a gift?

Sign-up for a standard subscription and change the shipping address to who you are shipping too. If you would like the box to include a personal note or land on a certain day, simply email us we’re always happy to help!

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship to the United Kingdom. We’re coming for ROW in 2021.

How much is it?

The most popular box is 23.99 every three months and our bottle in a bag is £9.99 every month. We also offer pre-pay and gift options too. Our boxes only contain the UK's best premium hot sauces, we really pride ourselves on working with small batch, highest quality handmade sauces that you can’t find on the high-street.

 How do you pick your sauces?

Every quarter we run a closed door ‘Taste Tank’ session where we blind taste potential sauces with complimentary dishes. Attending these sessions are some of London’s most refined taste buds.

Drip, Dip & Dollop.

Delicious small-batch, craft hot sauce you can't find in the supermarket.