Chopping it up with Hoots Hot Sauce

We caught up with the team behind Hoots Hot Sauce , to find out a bit more about the makers, what advice they give to the next wave of hot sauce sommeliers  and the best beats for getting saucy with.

Company name & sauce

Hoots Sauce Co

Tell us about yourself?

I’m a fire loving Scotsman who wanted to marry a passion for fire and spice.

What sparked your love of hot sauce? Do you remember the first time you had your first hot sauce - how did it make you feel?

I found my love for hot sauce at school. Spicing up the tragic bland food my mum and school would cook. I lost my virginity to Encona

How did you develop the recipe for this sauce? How many batches did it take before you perfected it?

Thought of some ways I could make a sauce that I could mention Scotland or Scottish things in as many ways as possible. There was mk 1 75% chilli… ouch and then there were 10 more batches and trials between.

Hot sauce is going through a real renaissance at the moment, why do you think that is?

People were bored in lockdown and it’s an easy way to jazz up bland food at home.

What advice would you give to budding hot sauce makers looking to launch?

Be different, find a USP and try and insert some of your identity/culture or interest into it

What excites you most about the rest of this year?

Spending time with others. Personal growth and freeeeeedom

Can you tell us about any sauces that are in development or are about to get released?

Yes we have a range we want to develop. The first being the hoot ness monsta

Best three albums to cook too? and your top three go to condiments?

Nas - Illmatic
Deep focus playlist Spotify
Craft hot sauce podcast

Fish Sauce
Hot sauce
Salsa verde (a la Bruce)