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The Bauce Brothers Club is a hot sauce discovery box straight out of East London. Our mission is to bring delicious, small batch craft hot sauce to the masses. Every three months we select three mouth watering sauces to share with our club members. Take your pick from our club or pre-pay memberships, and get the UK's best hot sauces delivered right to your door.

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What our members say...

Our Blog

Salted Caramel Brownies

Delicious hand-made brownies, featuring Montwzuma's 74% Dark Chocolate Brownies.

Yung Taco's

Chicken or Jackfruit Mole Tacos (enough for 6 small tacos) with Montezuma's Chilli Bonkers, Dark Chocolate with Chilli

Grilled Cauliflower & Peppers

Grilled Cauliflower with Padron Peppers and Chocolate Pesto, served with Montezuma’s Absolute Black – 100% Cocoa.

The Peckham Shakshuka

The Peckham Shakshuka is a delicious Mediterranean inspired dish featuring one of the UK's best hot sauces from Peckham.

Return of the Mac & Cheese

Who the hell doesn't like Mac & Cheese? If you don't, you will after tasting this hot sauce laced, take on an American classic. This recipe features Satan's Gravy hot sauce.

London's Hot Sauce Joints

Discover the Bauce Brothers guide to the London hot sauce scene. We show you craft hot sauce heroes from the capital city that sling their famous hot sauces on the side.

Brazillian Bean Stew

Brazillian Bean Stew is a chilli infused take on a classic hotpot. This recipe features one of Condimaniac's flagship sauces, the UK's favourite hot sauce, Smokey Dragon.

Chick-Please! Falafel Balls

Chick-Please! If you don't love falafel you ain't been doing it right. In this recipe we show you how to make homemade falafel drizzled in south London's finest hot sauce, Slow Richie's.
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