Grilled Peaches and Halloumi

In this hot sauce recipe, we use Hoots signature hot sauce to give our take on a grilled peach and halloumi salad with a smoky salsa verde.

3 Peaches
1 pack/block of Halloumi
2 large handfuls of rocket (any other green leaves will do)
Pomegranate seeds

Smoky salsa verde
Hoots smokey hot sauce
1 small bunch of Tarragon
1 small bunch of Mint
1 small bunch of Basil
1 garlic clove 
25ml of oil (light olive, sunflower or rapeseed)
Juice of half a lime
salt and pepper

  • Wash and quarter the peaches. (leave skin on)
  • Slice the halloumi as thinly as you like.
  • Place the peach quarters and halloumi slices onto hot griddle pan or BBQ, grill until browned and you have the nice charred lines.
  • de-seed the Pomegranate if bought whole fruit.
  • Place all the ingredient for the smokey Salsa Verde in a blender and blitz til smooth.
  • Wash your leaves and dry.
  • Place the leaves in the plate, then position the peaches, halloumi and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds.
  • Dollop the salsa verde over your salad.