Bauce Brothers BBQ hot sauce picks

Discover the Bauce Brothers top seven hot sauces to bring to your barbeque.

It's taken long enough… but summer is finally here!

Adios welly boots and coffee, hello boardshorts and ice-cold bottles of Cerveza!

One of the things we love most about the great British summer is the humble BBQ. It's a fantastic opportunity to get together with pals, crack open some brews and not miff off the neighbours who have just decided to hang their washing on the line.

(Come on… who does that during barbeque season?!)

If it's your turn to host, you may be thinking of what to dish up with your burgers, sausages and kebabs. If you're looking for something to pep things up a little, we've got just the thing!

Presenting (drum roll please…) our hand-picked suggestions of the perfect hot sauces to serve at your next BBQ!

In no particular order…

1. 'My wave' Piri-Piri sauce by Orris & Son

Piri-Piri sauce and chicken at a BBQ go together like football and beer! If you're looking for a delicious sauce to slather on your chicken thighs (oo-er), then this Piri-Piri sauce by Orris & Son is a brilliant choice.

It's fermented, meaning that you not only get that spicy kick from the habanero chilli, but you get a sour and tangy flavour too.

Give it a go with chicken or alternatively try with halloumi and mushrooms for a veggie kebab that can't be beaten!

p.s You can lick it off your fingers if you like; we will totally not tell anyone.

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2. Hot Sauce by Shedletsky's

Not only is Shedletsky's fun to say, but this hot sauce is a great condiment to serve at your summer BBQ.

This beast of a sauce contains red chillies, roasted tomatoes and garlic for a sweet little number that's brimming with spice!

Ditch the Heinz and squirt this hot sauce on your burgers and sausages this year. It's like ketchup, but all grown up.

It also makes a cracking marinade for chicken- check out our recipe below!

Check out our interview with the Shedletsky's team

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3. Peckham Smoker by Farey's

Did you know that it takes three months to make this hot sauce? It's almost as long as Wimbledon feels like it's on!

This hot sauce is chock-full of scotch bonnets as well as UK oak-smoked jalapenos. It's spicy, smoky, and a fantastic complement to beef. Try it with steak and burgers for a grilling sesh that will truly impress.

Our top tip, add it to a refreshing bloody Mary. Hey, it's 5 o'clock somewhere… isn't it?

4. Night Market by Devil Dog Sauce and Two Tribes

If you're fancy, seafood can be a great choice for a BBQ. Think succulent salmon steaks and plump grilled tiger prawns… your mouth is watering too, right?

This Thai-inspired sauce is full of intense Birdseye chillies, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and galangal. There's even a bit of toasted rice in there for crunch!

So don't be 'shellfish'… add Night Market to your shopping list today.

Chop it up with Two Tribes and Devil Dog Sauce

5. Gekikara Hot Sauce by 3D Spice

A bit of trivia for your next pub quiz – 'gekikara' is Japanese for 'very spicy'. And after trying this sauce, you'll see why!

Gekikara combines two of the world's hottest chilli peppers – the Carolina Reaper and Ghost Jolokia. It's not one for the faint-hearted, but it is delicious, sour and fruity.

Try it with a pork steak or drizzled on a salad for a BBQ that you'll definitely remember!

6. Original Reaper by Shots Fired

Another sauce with the fiery Carolina reaper… we're sensing a theme!

This moreish sauce is definitely spicy, but is well balanced with many other delicious ingredients meaning that although it does have a kick, you can still taste it!

We love this dotted over chicken kebabs. For your vegan buddies, why not serve up some crispy cauliflower wings and serve up some Original Reaper on the side?

7. Habanero Hot Sauce by Tom's Curious Sauces

The three things we love the most about Scotland. The comedy festival, the whiskies you can buy, and Tom's sauces!

This awesome sauce is made in small batches in Scotland. Full of spices, garlic and mustard, it's rich and will give anything you add it to a tasty bit of oomph! 

Tom's is perfect with the sausages of your choice. As luck would have it, we have a banging recipe for a hot dog on our blog, smothered in Asian-style slaw!

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So there you have it… Bauce Brothers guide to the best hot sauces to serve at your next summer BBQ! 

Which ones will you be plopping on your hot dogs?