Hot Sauce Snacks | Hot Fried Plantain

We're about to turn ordinary plantains into sizzling stars, taking a dip in a Caribbean-style sauce that will make your taste buds weep in joy.

Picture this: golden slices of plantains, fried to caramelized perfection, mingling with the sassy and fiery Hot Pepper Sauce from Only Jerkin's.


  • 1 bottle of Only jerkin's - Hot pepper sauce.
  • 2 medium plantains.
  • Pinch of salt.
  • 3tbsp of olive oil


  • Prepare your plantain by cutting into slices, either angled or straight through.

  • Heat a frying pan, add 3tbsp of olive oil on high heat. Enough for a shallow fry.

  • Once hot, add in the sliced plantain and cook for a couple minutes, get them nice and caramelised. 

  • Serve up with pinch of salt, and dip into the sauce.