The Hot Sauce Hot 100

One hundred essential hot sauces you need to try in 2020. [UK]

East London Hot Sauce Subscription Service Bauce Brothers today announced the release of ‘The Craft Hot Sauce Hot One Hundred; One hundred essential hot sauces you need to try in 2020' The list is designed to celebrate the boom in the hot sauce market, as well as shedding light on the sauce makers turning up the heat on the UK’s hot sauce scene.

In the last two years the UK’s hot sauce scene exploded. Sauce makers are experimenting with radical new flavours almost every week, from coffee to carrots and everything in between, the United Kingdom is experiencing a hot sauce heat wave.

In the lead up to launching the Bauce Brothers Hot Sauce Subscription Service. Founders Benny & Jess dedicated over six months tasting every sauce they could get their hands on. The Craft Hot Sauce Hot One Hundred is a comprehensive list of one hundred hot sauce creators in the UK, and one specially selected sauce from their range. The list also features ten reviews from the famous hot sauce reviewer, Condimaniac | The authority on condiments.

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“Much like craft beer did five or so years ago, hot sauce has captured the imagination of producers all over the UK because of it's variety, creativity and health benefits. To celebrate this wonderful community my friends Bauce Brothers have put together a list of the UK's 'HOT 100'.”

- Condimaniac