Hot 5 Dead & Alive

After closing the votes from our annual ‘Craft Hot Sauce Hot 100’, we boxed up the winning sauces and sent them out to a few of our homies who love hot sauce as much as us.

Here is the Bauce Brothers Hot 5 Dead & Alive!

🔥 Daddy Cools - Trinidad Scorpion Annihilation! Chilli Sauce! 

Daddy Cool’s Chilli Sauce is a small family run business set in the beautiful backdrop of the High Peaks. They have been growing and expanding little by little every year and grow a huge variety of fresh chillies right in their poly tunnels!

All of the products are made in small batches with the freshest ingredients available, and are handmade by the owner.

This sauce the,Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Sauce has a rich and sweet flavour from the fruit.

A smoky rich BBQ flavour from the chipotle chilli which makes it great for chicken, pizza and kebabs. It’s possibly one of the hottest and tastiest barbecue hot sauces on the market today. Don’t be fooled as the amazing depth and flavour lures your tongue into a false sense of security. The Trinidad Scorpion Chilli Sauce is preparing to unleash all hell with it’s crippling sting upon your pallet, that’ll have you reaching for more!

In at number 4️⃣ of our Top 5 Dead or Alive’ is drum roll please….

🔥 Singularity Sauce - Reapers & Blackberries

No surprises here, we’ve been fortunate enough to get one of Mark’s other creations in our box earlier this year, but this post is all about the reapers.

Singularity Sauce shine because of their incredible attention to detail from the packaging right through to the love put into each bottle.

This award winning sauce is delicious but may make you feel like you’ve been kicked in plums. Eat with caution.

This sauce is made by smashing together the hottest chilli in the business with local blackberries and local blackberry vinegar. This is a mix that was just meant to be, super fruity and super hot. Add this to everything…very carefully.

Reapers & Blackberries was awarded two stars by the Guild of Fine Food in the Great Taste Awards 2020.

In at number 3️⃣ of our Top 5 Dead or Alive’ is drum roll please….

🔥 En Root - Fyah Fyah 

South London O.Gs En Root are a Indian food business with a focus on health, fresh seasonalble vegetables, wholesome pulses and aromatic Gujarati spices to deliver a unique Internationally food experience.

We met these guys back at the hot sauce society in April 2019 and were lucky enough to get the original in our box this year - the Fyah Fyah is the same famous blend of red scotch bonnet chillies, Kesar mango and Gujarat spices but just hotter and richer in flavours.

Sooo in at NUMBA 2️⃣ of our Top 5 Dead & Alive’ is drum roll please….

🔥 Tubby Tom’s - Squealer  

Tubby Tom’s is great hot sauce success story we all love to follow, he does it all from branding to cooking, and all his sauces fucking slap. So no wonder his army of hot sauce fans voted him in!

The Squealer, Tom’s Award Winning Smokey Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce, made our list this year, and was the first sauce that Tom made and sold and is still favourite with fans.

Congrats mate!

So the BIG DADDY, the Original Gangsta and number 1 essential hot sauce to try in 2021 as voted by you is drum roll please….

👑 Green Hot Sauce by Shedletsky's 

East London OGs Shedletsky's fan favourite, the liquid Hulk, The Green Hot Sauce.

We picked up a bottle of this intriguing potion from Kitchen Provisions and haven’t looked back. For those that don’t know, Shedletsky’s make a dope range of kimchi, pickles, krauts and hot sauces from their base in Leyton.

They pride themselves on using traditional fermentation and pickling techniques combined with the freshest ingredients and it definitely shows.

So that is a wrap, stick around to here when we open submissions for next year.