Brazillian Bean Stew

Brazillian Bean Stew is a chilli infused take on a classic hotpot. This recipe features one of Condimaniac's flagship sauces, the UK's favourite hot sauce, Smokey Dragon.

What you need...

1x Bottle of Condimaniac's Smokey Dragon
1x Large Onion
5x Garlic Cloves
2x Teaspoons of Cumin
1x Chopped Birds Eye Chillis
1x Teaspoon of Magic Indian Root Powder (asafoetida powder)
1x Tin of Kidney Beans
1x Tin of Lentils
1x Tin of Cannelloni Beans
1x Pork Belly or
1 Pack of Pancetta or Smoked Bacon and 6 Chipolatas
1 Large Splash Red wine Vinegar
350ml of Beef/Chicken Stock

Get yo cook on!

  1. Rub pork belly with chilli, paprika and smoky Dragon and slow cook until pulls apart.(around 4/5 hours at 120 degrees)

  2. If stuck for time fry up Pancetta (similar cuts of meat) and tasty sausages or chipolatas in the pan first then set aside when cooked.

  3. Cook up onion and garlic, once soft add in red wine vinegar, dollop of smoky dragon, chilli and paprika and (magic Indian root to stop flatulence and cramps often associated with legumes and pulses) and add in stock (chicken or beef).

  4. Add in a tin of kidney beans and a tin of lentils /cannelloni beans (depends on preferred textures with liquid from tins).

  5. Reduce heat and add in all the meats (or vegan/veggie alternative), let the stew simmer for 30mins to an hour.

  6. Serve with some green veg (broccoli) rice or lovely crusty bread.