Bauce Brothers Banh Mhi

Whilst we did this recipe on Boxing Day, you can do this pretty much after any roast. We flipped left over shredded chicken into a delicious Banh Mhi with a side drip of Slow Richie's. X Ban Mhi 

What you need...

1x teaspoon of garlic paste
1x teaspoon of ginger paste
2x table spoon of fish sauce
1x table spoon soy sauce 
1/2 lime 
1x tablespoon of honey
Leftover shredded meats (vegan or veggie alternative) 
1 cucumber 🥒 
1 large carrot 🥕 
3 red chillies 🌶 
Spring onions 
Vegan mayo
1 bottle of Slow Richie’s Hot Sauce Leftover pate (mushroom pate for veggie option)
Leftover cranberry sauce 
Baguette 🥖
Fresh mint and coriander


  1. Shred up your-leftover meat and mix in garlic, ginger, fish sauce and honey.

  2. Use veggie or vegan option that was cooked up such as cauliflower/nut roast. Otherwise shredded jack-fruit is a great turkey meat alternative.

  3. Shred up carrots, cucumber and marinate with fish sauce, soy and lime juice then add lots of fresh chilli and coriander and leave to pickle for 10 mins.

  4. Chop some spring onions to scatter on your meat. Chop the fresh mint and coriander and sprinkle over the meat and spring onions.

  5. Make a spicy sauce to bring the flavours together…get some mayo (recommend Rubies in the Rubble vegan spicy mayo or Big Deez vegan smoky garlic mayo and the hot sauce of your choice, lots of people love Siracha but a true hot sauce lover should use Slow Richie’s Original Hot Sauce.

  6. Fry up the marinated shredded meat until crispy and warm.

  7. Warm up the baguette in oven or toaster, Cut the baguette in half, spread some nice leftover pate on the bread. (For veggie/vegan use mushroom pate)

  8. Then place the meat, then the pickled veg, the spring onions and drizzle the spicy sauce. Add a lil cranberry sauce if you also have some left!

  9. Close, cut in half and devour.