5 Essential Subscription Boxes

BumBoo - Toilet Roll Subscription

The Covid-19 global pandemic caused a nationwide toilet roll shortage in the UK, causing hot sauce heads grave concern for obvious reasons. If like us, you don’t want to fight off three doomsday preppers in a Tesco metro for the last four pack of Andrex classic then this subscription could be for you. Every roll is made with 100% bamboo which makes it a far more sustainable option. Bamboo works directly with Eden Reforestation Projects and promises to plant 1 bamboo plant for every purchase, now you can cure your ring sting knowing you’ve helped the planet.

Bauce Brother’s Pick - 48 Rolls for £34.20 every 6 weeks
View website here: https://www.bumboo.eco/

British Boxers Club - Underwear Subscription


Not too much to say about this one, we just want to make sure you blokes out there are changing your boxers, especially with the shortage of bog roll. Don’t think you ladies are getting away with it either, there’s options for you as well. #WashYourHands #WashYourAss

Bauce Brothers Pick - 3 Months sub - Black Stretch Trunks (XX-Large) £32
View website here: https://british-boxers.com/

Flavourly- Beer Subscription

Craft beer

Sitting in my boxers at 11AM I was wondering whether it was too early to crack open a fresh Stella Artois, I decided to be a good boy and wait till 12. In that hour of sobriety, I ordered myself a Flavourly box, a craft beer subscription box based in Glasgow. On arrival I was impressed with my choice, the box contained a wide selection of beers and a magazine containing everything you need to know about the craft beer scene. This gave my Monday afternoon beers purpose, discovering great small-batch beer from across the world. Look forward doing the same again tomorrow.

Bauce Brother’s Pick - 20 Beers for £26.90 every month
View website here: https://www.flavourly.com/

Stiffy Club - Condom Subscription


There’s a lot of spare time for fornication during lock down and we don’t know whether nipping down the shop for a few jonnys is classed as essential travel. So, if you and your partner are planning to avoid joining the baby boomer club or you just fancy some protected fun with yourself then this could be for box for you.

Bauce Brothers Pick - 24 Pack for £8 every month.
View website here: https://stiffyclub.com/

Bauce Brothers - Hot Sauce Discovery Club

Hot sauce

In a time of no restaurants, holidays or pubs we are here to spice up your Europe's taste buds. Everyone’s home to cooking is currently being put to the test and we believe whatever level you are at we’ve got you covered.

 For the Ristorante home cookers, simply splash one of our hand-picked sauces and feel like you’re in Naples. For the part time “chefs” that throw it all in and call it your signature dish, simply serve our sauces in a side dish and say ‘here’s one I made earlier”. Whatever the level, we got you covered.

Bauce Brothers Pick - Anything...