Sauce Awards Winners Bundle 2022

Sauce Awards Winners Bundle 2022
Sauce Awards Winners Bundle 2022
Sauce Awards Winners Bundle 2022

Sauce Awards Winners Bundle 2022

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Experience the best in craft hot sauces with this award-winning bundle! These 4 small-batch sauces have each taken the crown in their respective categories in the annual 2022 Sauce Awards, beating out a public vote and a taste test with some of the UK's sharpest taste buds.

In this bundle, you'll receive:

  • Best Caliente: Fiery Naga by Kickin Chilli - Laced with charcoal roasted chillies give this gentleman and mean jab. The spiciest cousin to come from their range, this sauce has aromas of orange zest and caramel,
  • Best Wild Card: Naga & Plum Viper by Devil Dog Sauces – your meals will never be the same again. This the better looking, more charming plum sauce you wish you met years ago. The plum, raspberries set each other off, its sticky, sweet and the slap from the naga's give you the exact kick you need.
  • Best Collab: Smoky Maple Mustard Hot Sauce Lous' & V-Rev -  A sweet, smokey mustard with a fiery kick of heat to elevate every meal to the next level. A beautifully balanced hot sauce, that blends the mustard and maple.
  • Best Classico: Original Reaper by Shots Fired - a small independent hot sauce company based in East London. The main ingredient in shots fired is the Carolina Reaper Chilli, the hottest in the world.

In addition to the sauces, you'll also receive 4 limited edition fact cards with each bottle, highlighting the unique flavors and ingredients of each sauce. All of the sauces are 100% vegan, with no artificial preservatives, and are made in the UK. 

Best Ferment: Louisiana by Common Sanity will not be available in this box, until further notice. 

🔥 4 bottles of craft hot sauce
📙 4 limited edition fact cards 
🌱 100% Vegan
🚫 No Artificial Preservatives
🇬🇧 Made in UK
🚚 Free Shipping
💅🏾 #TreatYoSelf