Hot Sauce Royalty Bundle

Hot Sauce Royalty Bundle

Hot Sauce Royalty Bundle

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All our best sellers in one KING size box. Get your royal sausage fingers on this, once in a generation majestic collection of British hot sauce. This regal box, contains five handcrafted hot sauces from the Bauce Brothers bloodline. 

Go on #TreatYoSelf it's what Charlie would have wanted.

Original Hot Sauce by Grandma's Hot Sauce

Using a mix of wiri wiri and scotch bonnet peppers for heat, this sauce is perfectly balanced with sweetness from carrots and cooling cucumber for a unique flavour. A few drops will turn your dishes from good to great!

Seoul Food Hot Sauce

This takes the traditional Korean Chogochujang dipping sauce and adds some Thiccc spice and signature hot sauce alchemy for a medium to high sweet heat. Each bottle is handmade and sealed in wax.

Brixton by Lazy Scientist The sauce that started it all. Brixton, is a homage to the vibrant community where Lazy Scientist's Sauces began. This is a West African styled sauce; born and raised in the heart of SW9 with the majority of ingredients sourced from sellers on Electric Avenue.

Original Reaper Shots fired is a small independent hot sauce company based in East London. The main ingredient in shots fired is the Carolina Reaper Chilli, the hottest in the world. The carefully balanced recipe means the sauce celebrates the taste of the chilli without being overwhelmingly hot.

Kimchi Hot Sauce by Aye Pickled A handmade smokey hot sauce blended with fermented kimchi to create an outstanding flavour. Possibly the best hot sauce you’ll ever try – add it to tacos, mix it through scrambled eggs, serve with fried chicken.