Meet the Bauce Brothers

Back in 2018 two hot sauce heads, Benny & Jess founded the Bauce Brothers Club. What started as two friends comparing notes on their favourite sauces quickly transformed into the UK’s best hot sauce discovery club! 

Every three months the Bauce Brothers team curates a delicious box of the UK's finest hot sauces and artisan treats right to your door. 

Each sauce selected goes through a rigorous selection program including blind tasting & flavour profiling to ensure the only thing that gets stung is your taste buds.

Meet the fam...

Benny | Co Founder

Favourite sauce: 
The Red One by Vicky's Kitchen

Special skills:
Speed eating

Maud | Recipe Wizard

Favourite sauce: 
Satan's Gravy by Karyo

Special skills:
Making a meal out of nothing

Brad | Eye Candy

Favourite sauce: 
Wiri Wiri Pepper Sauce by Pat & Pinky's

Special skills:
Looking cute

Jess | Co Founder

Favourite sauce: 
Habanero's & Carrots by Singularity Sauce

Special skills:
Making meme's

Debs | Fulfillment

Favourite sauce: 
Original Hot Sauce by Slow Richie's

Special skills:
The candy

Kano | Music

Favourite sauce: 
Smokey Dragon by Condimaniac

Special skills:
Bauce Brothers Bottle Shop

Hot Sauce Recipes

During our hot selection process all our sauces are paired with foods and complimentary dishes. It’s only right we share them with you, check out our blog with the best hot sauce recipes you can’t find anywhere else. Let’s get drippy.

"Not had a sauce I don't like! The Bauce Brothers have an excellently curated box combined with great customer service."

- Jack