The Peckham Shakshuka

The Peckham Shakshuka is a delicious Mediterranean inspired dish featuring one of the UK's best hot sauces. Batch One hot sauce featured in the second box from the Bauce Brothers.

 What you need...

Peckham's hot sauce
1 x bottle of Peckham hot sauce (use as much as you prefer)
1x large onion
1 x red pepper, 1x yellow pepper and 1x green pepper
1x tin of tomatoes
1x tea spoon of tomato puree
4x cloves of garlic
6/8 x eggs
1 block of halloumi sliced
1x teaspoon of paprika
1x teaspoon of cayenne pepper
1x teaspoon of cumin
Bunch of Fresh parsley and coriander


Chop onion and peppers finely, crush garlic and throw into a deep pan with oil and light fry until softened. Stir in tomatoes, cumin, cayenne pepper and some parsley, keep stirring and add a splash of water for desired consistency. Season with salt, pepper and some honey and a great dollop of Peckham's hot sauce.

Make grooves in the mix and crack the eggs in them, cook further until the eggs are cooked to the preferred consistency. Sprinkle fresh parsley and coriander on top.

While eggs are cooking fry/grill slices of halloumi and slice some sourdough . Serve all together.

Tip: add some sliced Chorizo if you are craving meat and extra smokiness

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