Scotch Bonnet Jam by Sauce Shop & 12:51 Chef James Cochran | COLLAB

Haters: “Errrr soo, it’s not technically a hot sauce?”
Bauce Bros: “tastes good doe.”

Sauce Shop’s first venture into the chilli jam scene, and they did not fuck around. There are tons of chili jams out there, but not a lot using Scotch Bonnets and none that have come from the childhood Caribbean kitchen of an award-winning celebrity chef.

As always, Sauce Shop kept it simple, paying homage to the blueprint first outlined by James’s mother. The ingredient list is shorter than you’d imagine, using only 5 ingredients. They use chargrilled chillies for a smoky edge, including some super fruity, sweet Scotch Bonnets. Then mix in some tomato which adds another layer of flavour and gives the jam a savoury layer.

This now revived jam recipe has been with James Cochran since he was a kid. A real collaboration saw them staying true to the original recipe, which has been used on the Great British Menu and it’s the showstopper at his best-selling fried chicken dish at his London restaurant, 12:51.

You can pick up a jar here as long as they aren’t sold out.